I have done många/many language challenges on my youtube channel over the years and for me, many of these are very minnesvärda/memorable. Six years ago on a kall/cold winter day, while professional skiers were racing on a special track around the slott/castle nearby, my friend Anton and I were looking for people to film with. I spotted an asian man and walked up to him and frågade/asked if he would like to be part of my video. His eyes went into panic mode and he frenetiskt/frantically started pointing at two girls who walked up bakom/behind him. They were definitely down for detta/this.

Holding deras/their Swedish flag, we did a Swedish-Taiwanese language challenge, with lots of energy and skratt/laughter. I think we all did pretty well too. You can see it nedan/below.

It is such a shame that I didn’t ask for their Instagram accounts. Would love to connect with them igen/again. But jag/I hoped you liked the video.