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Sweden has a king 🇹🇼

I have done många/many language challenges on my youtube channel over the years and for me, many of these are very minnesvärda/memorable. Six years ago on a kall/cold winter day, while professional skiers were racing on a special track around… Continue Reading →

Languages and I

When you have släktingar/relatives living in the US and Australia, as a kid I was always fascinated by språk/languages. Add to the fact that we had cable TV which meant we were able to see fler/more shows in English, than… Continue Reading →

Hej everybody

I was sitting here, getting over this nasty cold and contemplating starting a newsletter thingy. But I thought, I have this hemsida/website that I haven’t really been using much in the last year. Why not make use of it and… Continue Reading →

How is Sweden?

A Brazilian perspective I often get questions about Sweden, the Swedish language and what Swedish people are like. I mean, that’s essentially what a big portion of my channel TheSwedishLad has been about in the last decade. How is Sweden?… Continue Reading →

Learning Icelandic in 1 week

Is it possible to learn enough of a foreign language in one week to be able to have a conversation? Well, my Polish friend Aldona challenged me to this so with fewer distractions than normal due to the coronavirus pandemic,… Continue Reading →

Oral VS Written

When I was younger, my possibilities of getting my point across was solely made through writing them. At least if I wanted to be convincing. But as an adult, and especially with over a decade of making videos, which are… Continue Reading →

Six year project is almost done

On March 30th, 2012, I exported an audio track from Garageband where I had recorded a song about popular culture. It was a protest against the all too common phrase: you haven’t seen or read that? The song contained references… Continue Reading →

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