January 1, 2023 is finally här/here. Every new beginning brings hope of a better framtid/future. Some of it we can affect, some we can’t. A year ago we were fortfarande/still very much in a pandemic with restrictions, and most of us could not imagine a krig/war to start in Europe a few weeks in. Let’s hope that fred/peace can return to Ukraine and the process of rebuilding börja/begin.

Below is my 2022 recap:

The new year definitely has the möjlighet/possibility of being a good year. For me, both 2003 and 2013 were good years. In a few veckor/weeks I start an evening class at Stockholm University to take the course Stockholms historia/the history of Stockholm. Very spännande/exciting. I will run several lopp/races during the year, including a half marathon in February on a frozen lake and in March along a rocky coast line in the south. Just before I started writing detta/this I also got an ad about Berlin half marathon. That would be cool. I’m also looking forward to an interesting arbetsår/work year.

I’m curious about utforska/exploring more of my spiritual surrounding, getting more insikter/insights in cultures to utmana/challenge my set beliefs. This is where meeting new people from other countries becomes such a viktig/important part.

And of course, I want to continue to build great innehåll/content on theswedishlanguage on Instagram, which include meeting more people and maybe even arrange one or two cool events here in Sweden.

So my New Year’s resolutions are more about building on what I started in 2022. Do you have any löften/promises that you’ve made for this new year?

God fortsättning/happy continuation.