In yesterday’s instagram post I asked you to tell me var/where you’re from, in order to visa/show the variety of people that can samlas/gather in a certain hub, in this fall/case my little Instagram account. The result was baffling. Over 80 countries as I’m writing detta/this. What an amazing privilege it is to be able to connect with människor/people from all corners of the globe like this.

In a small way it feels like traveling and vara/being there, while at the same time I just get the urge to head for the flygplats/airport and just fly out to upptäcka/explore. One person suggested I should go to Glacier National park in Montana, while on the roadtrip I’m planerar/planning in that part of the US, for example. I looked up some bilder/pictures and wow!

Elton John’s Circle of life comes to mind with the lines; “there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done.” And while I drömmer/dream of exploring the world, so many of you either live here in Sweden or are planning to come to besöka/visit or stay. And then I know that some people in our värld/world prefer to only be where they are and not wanting anyone “foreign” to flytta/move to their country, but wow, how they are missing out on the möjlighet/opportunity to connect with other people. To get an insikt/insight into their language, culture, mat/food and life stories.

I’d love to do a similar request like the one igår/yesterday, but instead of you telling me your country, it’d be cool if you would tell me your story. While we (probably) can’t all träffas/meet in this lifetime, imagine being able to dela/share our stories and learn more about the mindset, hopes and dreams we have, that we often also in various sätt/ways share.

There is so much fel/wrong in the world, but I truly believe that the opportunities of connectivity that we have, and the personal behov/need to explore and be open to others, will be the driving force for förändring/change, for peace.

Below are all the countries that responded in yesterday’s post, in Swedish. Sorry if I missed any.
Iran, Storbritanien, Tyskland, Nederländerna, Brasilien, USA, Italien, Belgien, Argentina, Indien, Polen, Serbien, Ukraina, Spanien, Grekland, Frankrike, Syrien, Turkiet, Australien, Irland, Kanada, Irak, Bosnien & Hercegovina, Kirgizistan, Finland, Venezuela, Schweiz, Tjeckien, Chile, Indonesien, Makedonien, Eritrea, Portugal, Mexiko, Österrike, Marocko, Lettland, Slovakien, Mongoliet, Pakistan, Kina, Nya Zeeland, Singapore, Luxemburg, Ecuador, Afghanistan, Estland, Colombia, Jordanien, Vietnam, Armenien, Sri Lanka, Ryssland, Bolivia, Belarus, Paraguay, Burundi, Uruguay, Kurdistan, Etiopien, Rumänien, Uzbekistan, Kenya, Saudiarabien, Filippinerna, Peru, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, Sydkorea, Israel, Tunisien, Dominikanska republiken, Danmark, Mozambique, Egypten, Slovenien, Nigeria, Libanon, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, Litauen, Sverige.