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Spreading good vibes

I want to write about the future, based on three different encounters I had last Friday. This text can be viewed in video form below from my Good Talk Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe for more food for thought…. Continue Reading →

Stay alive with me

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. I did not know this until right after lunch, and the thought that hit me then was that of coincidence. Last night I placed my old video camera on a tripod in front of… Continue Reading →

Greta Thunberg and doing something meaningful

Greta Thunberg has now been on a school strike for 47 weeks. What started as a personal response to the inability of the Swedish government to get in line with the Paris agreement before the Swedish general election, has grown… Continue Reading →

My own inability

Today is April 16, exactly 12 years after that fateful snowy morning in Blacksburg, Virginia. I had arrived the night before with my classmate Carl for a one-week exchange. We woke up early and decided to take a walk around… Continue Reading →

Passive friendships online

Between the era of letter-writing and social media, friendship was based on various forms of communication, such as telephone and meeting up. With the arrival and implementation of social media, we have now gone from two-way communication to broadcasting. We… Continue Reading →

I’m turning 40

It’s been a day coming, for close to 40 years, all though it was so far in the distance when I was 17, because 18 was coming first. I was going to be an adult, a voting, drivers license bearing… Continue Reading →

Staying relevant

I’ve noticed it more and more among friends and acquaintances in my age, or at least starting in their mid 30s. This feeling of settling. The feeling of not wanting to keep up with everything new. And to a certain… Continue Reading →

Our many faces

As people, we act in many different ways depending on the situation, how comfortable we are in the space and who we interact with. We have different ways of interacting with parents (at various stages of life), our work colleagues,… Continue Reading →

Oral VS Written

When I was younger, my possibilities of getting my point across was solely made through writing them. At least if I wanted to be convincing. But as an adult, and especially with over a decade of making videos, which are… Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Happiness Theory

What is the pursuit of happiness to you? Is it about travels, finding love, security and money? I have given this a lot of thought throughout my life and this past weekend, I came to a personal understanding of what… Continue Reading →

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