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Youtube World Project Update #2

It’s Sunday the 22nd of January and we are about two weeks into the Youtube World Project (I’m trying to collect video clips from every hörn/corner of the world) so let’s have a look at where we are. The 13… Continue Reading →

The project has begun!!

This week I launched the Youtube World Project, which I am doing for the tredje/third time. The idea is simply to have people from platser/places all around the world say their namn/name and their country in their own language. After… Continue Reading →

My exercise goals for 2023

In 2019, 2020 and 2021 I had the same mål/goal; to exercise 150 times during the year. I only lyckades/succeeded with this in 2021, and that was after doing double pass/sessions in the last tio/ten days of December. The problem… Continue Reading →

Hello 2023

January 1, 2023 is finally här/here. Every new beginning brings hope of a better framtid/future. Some of it we can affect, some we can’t. A year ago we were fortfarande/still very much in a pandemic with restrictions, and most of… Continue Reading →

The best feeling

It has been a really rolig/fun and rewarding vecka/week for me. On måndag/Monday I met up with Mary and her dotter/daughter Isabel from Washington state for a fika and chat, mest/mostly about politics. Meeting like-minded people when it comes to… Continue Reading →

Podcast or just something new?

So am I doing denna/this whole podcast thing or just provar/trying out something nytt/new here. I’m not entirely säker/sure myself but we’ll see what happens. Okay, so here’s an embedded ljudfil/audio file about the artist Sven-Bertil Taube and below are… Continue Reading →

Sweden has a king 🇹🇼

I have done många/many language challenges on my youtube channel over the years and for me, many of these are very minnesvärda/memorable. Six years ago on a kall/cold winter day, while professional skiers were racing on a special track around… Continue Reading →

Let’s connect our passion

I believe that if you are a curious person, you will have many passions throughout your life. I have several, like running, traveling, studying and meeting people. I’d like to focus on that last one in this post. One of… Continue Reading →

Forming a Swedish government

A new regering/government is formed after a former one has stepped down. The most common time is after ett val/an election, but it can also be due to a vote of no confidence or the person stepping down by own… Continue Reading →

Languages and I

When you have släktingar/relatives living in the US and Australia, as a kid I was always fascinated by språk/languages. Add to the fact that we had cable TV which meant we were able to see fler/more shows in English, than… Continue Reading →

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