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2023 will be amazing

Right now, I’m sitting here planning out my √§ventyr/adventures for 2023, and I am excited. It’ll be a cool year. Sweden firar/celebrates 500 years, culminating on June 6 as Gustav Vasa was coronated on that date in 1523. Our current… Continue Reading →

Sweden has a king ūüáĻūüáľ

I have done m√•nga/many language challenges on my youtube channel over the years and for me, many of these are very minnesv√§rda/memorable. Six years ago on a kall/cold winter day, while professional skiers were racing on a special track around… Continue Reading →

Let’s learn some computer words

Today I’m posting this picture on theswedishlanguage, so I thought I would provide you with a couple of examples of how the words can be used. Jag k√∂pte en dator. Datorn hade en sk√§rm och en mus.I bought a computer…. Continue Reading →

Languages and I

When you have sl√§ktingar/relatives living in the US and Australia, as a kid I was always fascinated by spr√•k/languages. Add to the fact that we had cable TV which meant we were able to see fler/more shows in English, than… Continue Reading →

Hej everybody

I was sitting here, getting over this nasty cold and contemplating starting a newsletter thingy. But I thought, I have this hemsida/website that I haven’t really been using much in the last year. Why not make use of it and… Continue Reading →

When was the first joke told?

In this video, completely in Swedish with both Swedish and English subtitles, I contemplate whether people hundreds, even thousands of years ago generally though about progress or if they told jokes. I also acknowledge that there are many things that… Continue Reading →

Building IKEA furniture

Last week I posted the first video from our move, which included seeing the apartment for the first time and then moving in two days later. We fully packed a car at IKEA this weekend in which most will be… Continue Reading →

2021 Goals

So, my friend Sarah posted a video the other day about her goals and intentions for 2021, so I thought I’d give it a go as well. These are the first 10 I thought of and I made a video… Continue Reading →

2021 expectations

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Here is my short video summary of 2020, a year that I have plenty to say about. But instead of rehashing the obvious, the pandemic definitely affected the game-plan I had going into 2020…. Continue Reading →

Youtube World Project 2020

In 2015 I completed the Youtube World Project, where I sought to collect messages from as many places in the world as possible. It ended up at 126 different places. Since then, I have collected additional places as well as… Continue Reading →

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