So, my friend Sarah posted a video the other day about her goals and intentions for 2021, so I thought I’d give it a go as well. These are the first 10 I thought of and I made a video about them as well.

The video is primarily in Swedish but I have added double subtitles in Swedish and English for you to follow along with.

Here’s the list, after about a night of thinking about it. There are probably many more that I can think of now, but at least we have something to aim for here.

1, Take the vaccine as soon as it is possible for me to do it. A total no-brainer and a path to a more open way of life again.

2, Swim in the ocean once every month. January has already been cleared which can be seen in my forthcoming monthly video.

3, Hike in the Torne valley. After my trip to to the north just before corona hit, I fell in love with the nature and I can’t wait to go back and hike, be it in summer or winter.

4, Roadtrip to the north of Sweden, which doesn’t have to be the same trip as no 3, but seeing mountains and villages.

5, Start producing academic videos based on my previous research and contemporary interest in the deeper thoughts of social media.

6, Make two trips abroad in the autumn when things have hopefully calmed down and opened up in a safe way.

7, Give some love to this very website, and not just around video posts.

8, Launch my very own podcast. After writing this down yesterday, I wrote out the entire script for an episode. I can’t wait to get started.

9, Exercise 150 times this year. In 2020 I got close but the closing of gyms and a very inactive October month got me to 126, which is still an improvement from the year before with only 76. Things that count are running, disc golfing, swimming, cycling, very long walks, gyms and similar.

10, Do more online calls with friends from around the world. Doesn’t have to be often, but at least checking in with friends and having a connection beyond just comments, likes, and DMs.

So yes, those are 10 of my goals for 2021. What goals do you have?