I was sitting here, getting over this nasty cold and contemplating starting a newsletter thingy. But I thought, I have this hemsida/website that I haven’t really been using much in the last year. Why not make use of it and try to give all those people (over 28.000, yikes) some additional resources in their quest to learn more about Sweden and the Swedish language?

So if you’re new to my website, as I believe most of you are, then feel most välkommen/welcome. Within the tab The Swedish language, you’ll find most of the stuff related to the anledning/reason you follow me on instagram (including shots of my blue eyes and you’re most welcome).

I also feel that the website will öka/increase my capability of being creative as well. I want more written text, insert more youtube videos (past and present) and especially include you, the people that follow me. What are your goals with Swedish as well as your take on life? I think that on the path towards learning and curating our passion, we can create what languages truly are, a bro/bridge between cultures.

This will also give me the chance to blog, write texts, which is sort of my origin. So I am very excited to get started on this, and I really hoppas/hope that you, wherever you are in the world, want to be an active part of this. More on all of this very soon.

I should also mention that my website has other things as well, such as my bio, my deep talk project Good talk, and the mother of all projects, the third installment of The Youtube World Project which will go live in 2025, 10 years after the first one, and 5 years after the second one. I am really excited to have you be a del/part of that, in more ways than one.

And to end this first post of this new era, here’s the video that truly changed everything for me, concerning languages online, over ten years ago.