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Soo many countries

In yesterday’s instagram post I asked you to tell me var/where you’re from, in order to visa/show the variety of people that can samlas/gather in a certain hub, in this fall/case my little Instagram account. The result was baffling. Over… Continue Reading →

Wanna move to Sweden?

So aside from the minority of you that are här/here for my pretty blå ögon/blue eyes, most of you who follow this blog, my instagram konto/account and my youtube channel do it to learn svenska/Swedish and get a glimpse into… Continue Reading →

Shortenings of Swedish words

Even before the mobile phone texting language came into play, we did have quite a few shortenings or abbreviations as they are called. So let’s have a look at a few Swedish ones. There’s also a video linked at the… Continue Reading →

Throwback to Copenhagen

It’s torsdag/Thursday and here’s a look back in the arkiven/archives. One of my favorite people to make videos with is Kristine from Danmark/Denmark. All our videos are linked at the end, but idag/today I want to highlight this one from… Continue Reading →

Let’s learn some computer words

Today I’m posting this picture on theswedishlanguage, so I thought I would provide you with a couple of examples of how the words can be used. Jag köpte en dator. Datorn hade en skärm och en mus.I bought a computer…. Continue Reading →

Let’s connect our passion

I believe that if you are a curious person, you will have many passions throughout your life. I have several, like running, traveling, studying and meeting people. I’d like to focus on that last one in this post. One of… Continue Reading →

Let it be

One of my förslag/suggestions when it comes to learning svenska/Swedish is to incorporate popular culture into the learning process. Watching films or series in Swedish with undertexter/subtitles, or for example a popular show that you’ve seen många/many times, but now… Continue Reading →

Setting goals for yourself

We all have olika/different ways of living life, as well as expectations of life. Some of us let life hända/happen, others set goals. I think I am somewhere in-between but lutar/leaning towards the latter. In the beginning of 2019, I… Continue Reading →

Sweden + Norway= same?

It’s torsdag/Thursday so let’s enjoy a classic video from March 2019. Rebecca and I were at Vidcon in London tillsammans/together with fellow colleagues and friends and we decided to film a language challenge. But instead of trying to imitate each-other,… Continue Reading →

Irregular comparative adjectives

To komparera is to change an adjective from meaning what something is in a neutral way, to say that it’s more or less than something else to being the most extreme. This bild/picture was posted on theswedishlanguage instagram today, so… Continue Reading →

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