So aside from the minority of you that are här/here for my pretty blå ögon/blue eyes, most of you who follow this blog, my instagram konto/account and my youtube channel do it to learn svenska/Swedish and get a glimpse into Swedish kultur/culture. For mig/me, this process has always been två saker/two things, creative and social. Creative cause I get to utforska/explore different ways of presenting Sweden, Swedish and mig själv/myself and social för att/because I get to know people from andra kulturer/other cultures, languages and backgrounds.

One of those people is Jane. She has lived in Sweden for over two years, ursprungligen/originally from Ukraine but has also lived 17 years in Spanien/Spain. We connected over a year ago and met briefly under/during an Ukraine demonstration in late February. Men/But the other day, we got to hang out for real and we made one video on each of our channels. Mine is linked below and I will add Jane’s when it comes out on Friday.

A reoccurring ämne/topic, and one that many that has moved hit/here will agree on, is that it’s not very easy to make Swedish vänner/friends. At the same time, this is the key to develop and advance your Swedish speaking förmåga/ability. More on this in another post.

Jane also makes a point that having tålamod/patience is important while you’re in the process of moving here and getting all the papers in order at Migrationsverket/the Immigration office. There are bound to be moments of tvivel/doubt, she says, but researching and asking around will smoothen your experience.

But the rewards can be huge. Jane made a video recently where she lists all the things she really saknar/miss about Sweden when she’s utomlands/abroad.

I hope you liked the video and that you subscribed to Jane’s youtube channel.

And here’s a list of a few andra/other videos on her kanal/channel:
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