One of my förslag/suggestions when it comes to learning svenska/Swedish is to incorporate popular culture into the learning process. Watching films or series in Swedish with undertexter/subtitles, or for example a popular show that you’ve seen många/many times, but now with Swedish subtitles. This creates a situation where you are underhållen/entertained while learning and you start to pick up ord/words and language melody on the go.

Anton is a good vän/friend of mine since almost 10 years, and have participated många/many times with his musical abilities. Whenever we träffas/meet, we often find time to translate and film a song or two in Swedish. Here’s a shortened version of Let it be, originally by The Beatles, översatt/translated and sung in Swedish.

From a linguistic perspective it should be noted that the korrekta/correct translation would be “låt det vara” but Swedes often shorten it to va. The same goes for the word var (was). Jag va där igår/I was there yesterday.

If you’re craving more sånger/songs like this, have a look at the följande/following links:
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