A Brazilian perspective

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I often get questions about Sweden, the Swedish language and what Swedish people are like. I mean, that’s essentially what a big portion of my channel TheSwedishLad has been about in the last decade.

How is Sweden? is a new collaborative project where I aim to meet up with people who in various ways have experienced Sweden, either longterm as a moved-in resident or a tourist and any in-between.

In this first episode I meet Louise, a Brazilian exchange student at Uppsala University north of Stockholm. She got curious about the Nordics after meeting a Swede and a Dane when she was abroad. She sees some very obvious distinctions between Swedes and Brazilians and even though she misses her mum’s cooking, she is loving Swedish fika and the pastries here.

You can watch the whole video below. Please leave a comment on the video and tell me what you think, and if you would fit into this format and want to make a video with me, please let me know on Instagram or on my Facebook page.