I’ve noticed it more and more among friends and acquaintances in my age, or at least starting in their mid 30s. This feeling of settling. The feeling of not wanting to keep up with everything new. And to a certain degree, I can relate. When Is tarted my bachelor program I was 26, and it felt like all the kids, most of them 19 knew so much more than me, especially with programming. I had none of that in school, and it wasn’t something I picked up during those 7 years with my film studies in Australia and working.

But I set my mind to learn what I didn’t know, and three years later, I stood up there, giving a speech in front of the graduating class as valedictorian. I had learned and kept up. I stayed relevant.

But my point here is not just to keep up with everything, but to not reside to that all too comfortable thought that everything was better before. And the key for me to stay away from saying that is to stay curious, and keep wanting to learn. It doesn’t have to be all about the latest, just something that gives you new impressions and keep your mind active. No matter your age, you can still find new ways of looking at life.

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