I want to write about the future, based on three different encounters I had last Friday. This text can be viewed in video form below from my Good Talk Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe for more food for thought.

Encounter number 1 was the last one of the day. Ana from Spain has been someone who’s been watching my videos since 2013 while she’s been learning Swedish. We met for the first time in early 2016. Three and a half years later we met again, as she is now a student in Sweden. Not only that, our entire conversation was in Swedish, which is so cool. We ate a little and then strolled through the early autumn town. Lovely night.

Encounter number 2 was the first one of the day. Kristine is a friend and colleague in Copenhagen and this was only the fourth time we’ve met. We filmed our third language challenge video before we parted, but also after we had a lovely fika during which we started telling each other more about ourselves. It’s funny how you can be so connected to someone without knowing very much about the person.

Encounter number 3 happened in-between the above ones. As I was taking the train through the tunnel and over the bridge to Sweden, my friend Lily was moving in the opposite direction to see a show in Copenhagen. I caught up with her at Malmö central station and we rode together for just a few minutes before I jumped off to go back the other way. This is the fourth straight month that we’ve managed to meet up, which normally only happens during the awesome Sweden Rock Festival week in June. I told her about a project I’m working on, but the train ride was over in just a few minutes. So we hugged and parted.

The cool thing about that day, aside from the fact that me doing videos on Youtube has facilitated the connections, is that there is so much left. Ana and I have many more walks and talks, maybe even in Spanish, who knows? Kristine and I have only begun to get to know each other and the wonderful thing about her is her gratitude and friendliness, two qualities I try to bestow upon others from my side. She also loves ironic texts. And Lily, this creature of the valley that I’ve gotten closer and closer with as the years of rock has gone by. Every June, bring it back. Don’t take it away from me because you don’t know what it means to me.

If, and I say if, we all have the opportunity of staying healthy and avoid tragedy, we might have the chance of growing old together. Just imagine all the things we could do in all that time that remains? Even though the world around you tries to force you into the repetitiveness of every day, do what you can to fight it off. Let your imagination and energy run wild in your head, and let some of it sip out for others to see. Be curious about the world, and of yourself. Never stop growing, and let those around you grow too. The three encounters are examples of people in my life, fine examples I might add, but everyone around you might not be as important as these, but they still play a role in your life, and you in their life. You have an amazing opportunity to lighten their day, and it will lighten you back. When I grow older, I will be there by your side to remind you.

Don’t take your days for granted, but don’t stress over having to do everything at once either. I want to continue to be a person that spreads good vibes around to people, whether they are close friends or very random candid meetings. I want, when the day finally comes, to have people next to my casket or in whichever field my ashes are spread, to think of me as a person who on a daily basis tried to make my life as well as other peoples’ lives better through big and small gestures.

Spread good vibes, do good shit and smile more.

And to those I leave behind
I want you all to know
You’ve always shared my darkest hours
I’ll miss you when I go

And someday in the mist of time
When they ask you if you knew me
Remember that you were a friend of mine

Old & Wise – Alan Parson Project