As people, we act in many different ways depending on the situation, how comfortable we are in the space and who we interact with. We have different ways of interacting with parents (at various stages of life), our work colleagues, close friends, strangers on the street and so forth.

It’s not that we are necessarily fake, we simply adapt because we need a balance towards the other person. We can be completely open and naked to some, while in more professional settings we might hide many sides that wouldn’t be appropriate according to the agreed setting, whether it be between two people, or how the space makes us act.

I am in many of my relationships a rock. I take the part as the person that friends can rely on, the friend that can pick them up. A friend of mine explained it as me having kind eyes. I often don’t tell people exactly how to be or how to handle a situation. I rely more on my friend reaching his or her own decision based on a real conversation where we weigh in all parts. Sadly, in a few of these instances, I become the go-to friend, but only when the other is sad, not during the good days. That realization can hit me very hard when the need to rely on each other is not mutual.

The problem is that I don’t tell people upfront. So how are they suppose to know if I don’t tell them. I did tell a friend recently, but it wasn’t criticism. It was meant to take the friendship to the next level, and have fun in this life as well.
I made a video about this:

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