What is the pursuit of happiness to you? Is it about travels, finding love, security and money? I have given this a lot of thought throughout my life and this past weekend, I came to a personal understanding of what it is that I need to do. You have the positive things in life, those that make you feel good. It can be friends, a lover, a spouse, a child, certain food et cetera. But you also have negative things that disturb the happy things. It can be lack of a job, or a job you hate, a negative friend or that you’re in debt.

One would think that if you just take away the negative things, you’ll be happy, right? I don’t think so. You might feel relief over the fact that the big bill you got has been paid, or that you ended a destructive friendship. But that will only get you to what I call the Whatever line. The pursuit of happiness has to be a combination of removing negative things AND adding positive ones. If you have no negative things, but also no positive ones, you’re just… meh, passing time.

So think about what makes you happy and add those to your life. And while you’re at it, look at the things that drag you down, that takes your energy and find ways to remove or lessen their influence on you. The negative will never be empty, but the positive will also never be full. That’s why they call it the pursuit of happiness, not the constant being of it.

Good Talk


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