A few weeks ago, as I was looking around Instagram to find potential participants for the Youtube World Project 2019, I stumbled across a bunch of pictures. Posts from people traveling around the world, volunteering in southern Africa, in Indonesia and other places. It truly gave me an inspirational kick, being able to float above the world and dive down here and there.

Three examples of this can be found here: callie.veelenturf in Equatorial Guinea, liz_travelista in Zimbabwe and samanthavanderleest in Cambodia. Seeing these, and many others, I feel into the notion that like Tim Rice and Elton John said, there’s more to see than can ever be seen, more to do than can ever be done. But if you have the opportunity to travel, be it far from or close to where you live, take that chance. By discovering more about your surrounding and your world, you can become a very culturally rich person. Like Liz said, it takes courage to leave your comfort zone, but there is so much out there to discover. I made a Good Talk video about this:

Good talk!


Good Talk is an ongoing series where I talk about my own experiences with different feelings, personal thoughts, and dreams on a personal level. Good Talk is meant to be a conversation of spreading positivity and inspiration where I just open up for discussion in the comments, and where you, the viewer gets to share your thoughts on the topic of the video. Feel free to post long comments, and even better, respond to other people. That way it becomes a two-way communication where we can all learn from each other’s experiences, regardless of where in the world we live. Thank you all for being a part of something that is very special to me.