In November of 2020, we found out that we had to move from the apartment we were subletting, which obviously caused some stress. But with some luck, and of course, the jobs and income that both me and my wife had, we were offered a firsthand contract in a new and bigger apartment. The problem though was that the apartment building was not yet fully constructed. It would be by the time we had to move but basically, we agreed on a contract for an apartment that we had not yet seen, aside from the exterior from outside the construction site and a blueprint.

In the video below you get to follow along as we start packing and two days before moving we get to see the new apartment for the first time.

The video is in Swedish but it has subtitles in both Swedish and English (at the same time) so you can follow along. If it goes too fast, you can adjust the playback speed.

In the coming video, I’ll show you how we get settled in and purchase more for the apartment.