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Hej everybody

I was sitting here, getting over this nasty cold and contemplating starting a newsletter thingy. But I thought, I have this hemsida/website that I haven’t really been using much in the last year. Why not make use of it and… Continue Reading →

Cherry blossom in Stockholm

The cherry blossom in central Stockholm is underway, despite both warm sun and snow during the week. I went in on two occasions to film the 2021 video. Here is also the 2019 version.

10 times Sweden was first

This is a list of 10 times when Sweden was first in the world. You can continue to read the blog post or watch the video. 1On July 1st, 1979, Sweden became the first country to ban corporal punishment, meaning… Continue Reading →

How is Sweden?

A Brazilian perspective I often get questions about Sweden, the Swedish language and what Swedish people are like. I mean, that’s essentially what a big portion of my channel TheSwedishLad has been about in the last decade. How is Sweden?… Continue Reading →

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