Month November 2018

More to see in the world

A few weeks ago, as I was looking around Instagram to find potential participants for the Youtube World Project 2019, I stumbled across a bunch of pictures. Posts from people traveling around the world, volunteering in southern Africa, in Indonesia… Continue Reading →

Live your best life

Death has a fascinating influence on me. As a kid, I feared death. It made me anxious even thinking about it. Later on, this feeling has instead been exchanged by an anxiety of not living life to the fullest. That… Continue Reading →

Behind the scenes – Keep up with everything

March 30th, 2012. That was the day I exported the audio track. A song where I fought back against the notion that you have to follow along with everything in popular culture. The idea then grew to make a music… Continue Reading →

It’s time to finish this

With two days left until the release of the six year old project Keep up with everything, I spend this Good Talk video talking about procrastinating with big projects. I believe for me, there’s an inner fear that the finished… Continue Reading →

Six year project is almost done

On March 30th, 2012, I exported an audio track from Garageband where I had recorded a song about popular culture. It was a protest against the all too common phrase: you haven’t seen or read that? The song contained references… Continue Reading →

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