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When was the first joke told?

In this video, completely in Swedish with both Swedish and English subtitles, I contemplate whether people hundreds, even thousands of years ago generally though about progress or if they told jokes. I also acknowledge that there are many things that… Continue Reading →

2021 expectations

Hello everyone and Happy New Year. Here is my short video summary of 2020, a year that I have plenty to say about. But instead of rehashing the obvious, the pandemic definitely affected the game-plan I had going into 2020…. Continue Reading →

This was my 2019

2019 was in many ways an intense year. I had a silly idea of wanting to visit a new country every month, seeing how I had some travel plans already in the beginning of the year. The most notable way… Continue Reading →

Fridays For Future

School strike in Stockholm during Fridays For Future manifestation with Greta Thunberg.


2018 has been left behind and a new horizon in a new year is awaiting along the yellow brick road. I have once again emptied the container of tears, from happiness to sadness into the Pensieve and retraced my past… Continue Reading →

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