In 2015 I posted the Youtube World Project with over 120 different clips from people all over the world, simply saying their name and their location in their own language. The video takes the viewer across the globe, and so does the amazing music of Dane Walker. This video was nominated for Collab of the year in 2015.

After the video was posted, more clips came in so I decided that one day I would make another version. That became the Youtube World Project 2020 and was posted in May of that year. This video had 156 locations. A few minutes after it was posted, the first new clip came in, so there you go, the road towards the third version has begun, and for this one, I really want to achieve 200 locations, everything from big countries to disputed areas with the direction that home is where people feel that they belong, regardless of how recognized that place is by other countries.

If you want to be a part of the 2025 version already now, do get in touch with me, on Instagram, through my Facebook group or by email: theswedishlad(at)gmail(dot)com

What I need is a video clip that meets these specs:

1, You say (in your own language): “My name is (your first name) and I live in “your location”.

2, Film in landscape mode (meaning laying down, not standing).

3, Film in an outdoor location that somehow shows the surrounding.

4, You can be energetic, calm, mysterious but most importantly positive.

5, Make sure you speak clearly in an environment without too much background noise.

6, Leave a little filming space before and after saying your sentence.

White: yours to claim. Red: claimed by someone. Green: completed.